Prime Minister: government keen on providing all requirements to enhance steadfastness and increase production

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis stressed that the sacrifices of the Syrian army and armed forces have enabled the government to perform its responsibilities and strengthen the steadfastness of the Syrian people who back up the army in its war on terrorism.

Premier Khamis was speaking during the activities of the 9th session of the General Council of the General Federation of Trade Unions.

He noted that having no foreign debts, preserving its foreign exchange reserves, providing support to strategic crops and addressing key economic issues set indicators for Syria’s success in overcoming all difficult circumstances.

Khamis added that the government has offered up to 2000 job opportunities to martyrs’ families over the past 9 months, compared to 340 in the last three years, within the framework of its unremitting care efforts to   provide them with their requirements and needs.

He also underlined efforts exerted to improve services, support production and rehabilitate infrastructure of oil, energy and transport sectors.

For his part, Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions, Jamal al-Qadiri, stressed the key role of working class in Syria as an essential partner in the reconstruction stage.

The participants’ demands focused on improving living conditions of working class, grade up the services sector and taking necessary measures to increase production, finance small and medium enterprises and train cadres to supply workforce and have active role in the process of rebuilding the country.



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