President al-Assad issues decree establishing the Syrian Electronic School

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Monday issued legislative decree no. 34 for 2014 on establishing a public-sector establishment named the Syrian Electronic School.

The Syrian Electronic School is a body corporate asset that has financial and administrative independence, is based in Damascus, and is affiliated with the Education Ministry.

The school will provide online electronic education covering the 1st grade through the 12th grade, employing modern technology and the official Syrian curricula.

It will also provide a digital library, student services, and direct tech support, in addition to establishing an information database that is updated constantly.

The school will help council students, register them in grades, carry out evaluations and exams, and prep them for certificate exams, with the services and support provided by a team of teachers and experts via its access centers.

In a statement to SANA, caretaker Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz said that the school will help provide education to all members of Syrian society, particularly in light of the current situation which made attending regular schools difficult for some students, adding that this project is also part of the efforts to integrate information technology into the Ministry’s work to keep up with the times.

H. Sabbagh

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