Syria Mod Khan al-Harir expo opens in Beirut

Beirut, SANA – The Syria Mod Khan al-Harir exhibition for textile industries and garments kicked off on Friday in the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL), with the participation of around 100 Syrian companies.

The expo showcases men and women’s apparel, cotton products, sportswear, children’s apparel, oriental tapestries, hosieries, knit wool products, and related businesses such as shipping companies and banks. The event is organized by the Syrian Exporters Association for Clothes & Textiles (STAGEA) and Aleppo Chamber of Industry, in cooperation the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF), the Local Production and Exports Support Agency, and Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of industry.

Syria Mod 2

Lebanese Industry Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hasan opened the expo, stressing that the steadfastness of the Syrian industry is no less important than its military, political, and popular steadfastness, while Syria’s Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdelkarim said that organizing this expo shows the vitality of Syrians and their ability to overcome difficult circumstances.

In turn, head of the SEF Mohammad al-Sawwah showed that Syria Mod exhibitions continue to grow and expand, noting that industrialists from Aleppo are participating in it in defiance of all odds and difficulties, while head of STAGEA Firas Taqiddin said 500 special clients from Arab and foreign countries have been invited to attend the expo.

The 3-day expo is held in a venue that covers around 4,000 square meters, and exhibitions for leather products, flowers, decorative plants, and fine arts are held on the sideline.

Syria Mod is one of the most successful expos in term of marketing Syrian products, with each iteration resulting in signing contracts with importers abroad and introducing Syrian to new markets.

Hazem Sabbagh

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