Haidar: Expats’ national stances reflect the Syrians adherence to their homeland

Damascus, SANA- State Minister of National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar stressed the need to employ the capabilities and expertise of the Syrians abroad in the reconstruction stage which should be with Syrian hands and vision.

During his meeting with a delegation of the Syrian community in Kuwait on Wednesday, Minister Haidar pointed out the national contributions made by expatriate communities during the war waged on Syria including the Syrian community in Kuwait, adding that this affirms the Syrians’ adherence to their homeland and identity and originality of their culture despite the pressures exerted on them in many countries

Haidar said that the field achievements by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo and Damascus countryside stepped up the pace of local reconciliation, noting that during his visit to Aleppo, he noticed the amount of pressure and threats faced by the gunmen who want to turn themselves in to authorities and have their status settled.

Haidar said that the international community and its various establishments are still far from securing the objective conditions to launch political talks amid politicization of the humanitarian issue and the continuation of granting terrorist groups a political cover by some countries.

In turn, members of the delegation said that their national duty requires contribution to whatever is needed towards their country, particularly in light of these hard times, calling for overcoming difficulties and procedures that hinder their communication with their home country Syria.

Qabas/ Manal

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