Colleague Abdelbari “Barry” Tammo passes away

Damascus, SANA – Journalist and colleague in SANA Abdelbari “Barry” Tammo passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning at al-Mahaini Hospital in Damascus due to a cerebral stroke he suffered a week ago.

Tammo was born in 1961 the village of Arslan Tash in Aleppo countryside. He received a degree in English literature from Aleppo University and worked at SANA since 2002 in the agencies, foreign news, interactive press, English bulletin, and internal news departments, occupying several posts including translator, editor, supervising editor, department head, copy editor, and assistant director general. He left behind a wife and two children: a boy and a girl.

He will be escorted on Thursday morning from al-Mahaini Hospital to his final resting place in the town of Ain al-Arab in Aleppo countryside.

The late Tammo was committed to his work, his country, and his friends, and cared deeply for his colleagues and showed keenness on developing work in mass media in service of the homeland and its people.

The staff of the Syrian Arab News Agency would like to offer the sincerest condolences and commiserations to the family of deceased. Barry will be missed by his colleagues in SANA, especially by us at the English bulletin department.

Hazem Sabbagh

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