Shaaban: What is happening in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Tunisia serves the Zionist project

Damascus, SANA- Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said that the majority of the Syrian people realize that what is happening in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Tunisia serves Zionism in its project in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

After her meeting on Sunday with a delegation of the Iran-Palestine Friendship Association, Shaaban added during a press statement that the Syrian people hold Palestine in high regard since Palestine, Syria and all the Arabs share the same issues, destiny and future.

Shaaban pointed out the sacrifices made by the Palestinian youth alongside the Syrian Arab Army in the war against terrorism in Syria, noting that a number of Palestinian factions are fighting alongside the Syrian Arab army.

“We all have to work with the resistance camp in order to liberate our nation from dependency,” Shaaban said, praising the cultural efforts of Iran-Palestine Friendship Association and al-Quds Association to enhance this position, noting that the fate of the Arab nation is the same.

She noted that her meeting with the delegation is to shed light on the axis of resistance and the importance of cultural, civil and social work.

“ An element of great strength will be added to our nation when all efforts are coordinated and when states, civil establishments and factions are unified in one position that benefits our productivity and solidity and enables us to resist the Zionist project in Palestine and the Arab nation”, Shaaban said.

In reply to a question about the crime committed by the terrorist organizations by slaughtering a Palestinian child in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Shaaban said that this murder is reminiscent of killing the child Mohammad al-Durra in Palestine.

“Whether it is in Palestine or Aleppo…the place does not matter since all our children are being targeted by the Zionist project, but the remarkable thing is that the crime in Aleppo had not received the media attention as in the case of martyr al-Durra,” Shaaban said.

She explained that the battle is also a media battle. “Therefore we have to make our voices heard by the entire world that what is happening in our nation today is another copy of what the Zionist entity has done over 60 years in the occupied Palestine, because the resistance in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya or any Arab country is the same as the resistance in Palestine.

Qabas/ Manal

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