Shaaban meets delegation from US Evangelical Presbyterian churches

Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed on Sunday that Syrians are determined to achieve victory over terrorism.

During a meeting with a delegation from the Evangelical Synod and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in US, the advisor hailed the sacrifices and steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army during the past years and the resolve of the Syrians in combating terrorism.

Shaaban 2

Shaaban briefed the delegation on the stages of the terrorist war on Syria and the role of Western media in exacerbating it through depending on al-Jazeera and al-Arabia as main sources for information, wondering about the role of the Western media which describes itself as “free” in informing citizens in Western countries about the suffering of people around the world.

She pointed out to the role of Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in supporting, financing, and arming terrorists who came from more than 100 countries to fight in Syria.

The advisor noted that Syria is a secular country and the Syrian people do not discriminate between Muslims and Christians, adding that the Syrians who lived for hundreds of years in peace and harmony will continue to do so and will not allow those who waged this war against them to achieve their sectarian goals.

Shaaban thanked the members of the delegation for their visit and for convoying the true image of what is happening in Syria to the US people.

Marilyn Borst

In a statement to SANA, delegation member Marilyn Borst noted that they are partners with the National Evangelical Synod in Syria and Lebanon and they are friends with all the churches in Syria, pointing out that the delegation’s repeated visits to Syria aim at supporting the Syrian people against terrorism.

She added that the delegation had visited the cities of Homs, Mhardeh, and Damascus in the past and more than once, hoping that all Syrian areas will recover their stability and security soon.

The delegation is visiting Syria in response to an invitation from the National Evangelical Synod in Syria and Lebanon, and includes 7 US figures that represent the US Evangelical Presbyterian churches.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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