Internal Trade Ministry issues decisions on goods imported by private sector to lower prices

Damascus, SANA – The Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry issued on Sunday a number of decisions regarding goods imported by the private sector.

The first decision terminates an article in a previous decision on adding 5% to the value of sugar and rice imported by the private sector to the costs clause, while the second decision requires importers of certain food items to submit import costs documents to set customs prior to selling the items in the market.

The third decision limits the maximum amount of profit for the import and production of certain food items and goods, with the Ministry emphasizing that retailers must announce the final retail price to consumers and all people trading in goods must use proper bills.

In a statement to SANA, Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Jamal Shahin said the decisions were issued to deal with the increase in the prices of several basic food products, such as rice, sugar, cooking materials, and so on, to the point that they don’t consist with the purchasing power of limited-income citizens.

Shahin explained that this will be achieved by revising profit margin for importers, producers, and businessmen, and by reducing extra costs, noting that the Ministry prices essential goods as part of its positive intervention efforts.

He concluded by asserting that the Ministry will exert stringent efforts to implement these decisions in an optimal manner, and that it will issue more decisions related to the pricing mechanism.

Hazem Sabbagh

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