The People’s Assembly discusses National Reconciliation Ministry’s work

Damascus, SANA – The performance of the Ministry of State for National Reconciliation Affairs was the subject matter of discussions during the People’s Assembly session on Sunday.

Focus was laid on the Ministry’s efforts to enhance local reconciliations to involve all areas and activate the reconciliation sub-committees’ work in tackling the file of kidnapped and missing people.

Calls were raised by MPs to bring to account the people who are exploiting the reconciliation efforts and making illegal financial gains from the families of the abductees and the missing, in light of the increasing numbers of complaints in this regard.

They also called for involving all civil associations and organizations in the reconciliation process to reach better results.

Responding to the Assembly members’ queries, Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar affirmed that the ministry’s performance since its establishment has been satisfactory morally and emotionally within the available resources.

The minister stressed that all governmental establishments and popular organizations should been engaged in the local reconciliation project.

He added that the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in many areas pave the way for holding local reconciliations which are part of the state’s strategy and policy, adding that the ministry supports the internal dialogue in Syria.

The minister pointed out that the Russian friends are directly engaged in the local reconciliation project and communicating with the local figures to make this project a success, adding that Russia is supporting Syria politically, diplomatically and militarily.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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