Al-Baath party, Communist party of Belarus to enhance cooperation

Damascus, SANA, Leaderships of al-Baath Arab Socialist party and communist Party of Belarus discussed on Wednesday cooperation between the two parties and prospects of developing it in the interests of the two countries and peoples.

Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath party Hilal al-Hilal appreciated the visit of the Belarus communist party, saying the visit “indicates that Syrian is not alone in the face of this fierce war, but there are parties and political sides that stand by the country.”

“The main reason behind the war on Syria is its rejection of foreign dictates and the US-backed pressures, and Syria’s commitment to its national sovereignty,” al-Hilal said during the meeting.


Igor Karpinco, Secretary General of the Communist party of Belarus affirmed that there are joint targets and principles between the two parties in addition to a joint willingness to hold the best relations between the two countries.

Later, the two parties signed an agreement of cooperation.

The Communist party of Belarus affirmed in a statement that the visit came as an expression of full solidarity with the Syrian people against terrorism, showing confidence Syria would defeat this terrorism that poses a threat not only to Syria, but to the whole world.

It also expressed support for Syria’s right to restore the occupied Golan and end the Israeli occupation there.


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