Syrians lash out at Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Damascus, SANA-Hundreds of Syrians gathered outside the UN mission headquarters in Damascus to voice support for the Palestinian people in Gaza against the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Lashing out at the Arab silence over the woes of the Palestinian people, the participants pressed the Arab peoples to counter the incessant aggression that is unleashed under the nose of the world, aided and abetted by Arab regimes.

The participants said that the Israeli aggression, now in its seventh day, comes as part of schemes hostile to the Arab nation, citing the conspiracy that seeks to break up Syria as one of its chapters.

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They handed a statement addressed to the UN Secretary-General, lambasting the Israeli aggression and crimes against the Palestinians and urging international organizations to stop the Israeli crimes.

“Resistance will always remain a thorn in the flesh of Zionism and its ideology which is rooted in the perverse notion of supremacy and power,” the statement added.

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M. Ismael

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