Moscow: Europe and Turkey closed airspace for Russian Long-Range Aviation planes

Moscow, SANA – Deputy Commander of the Russian Air Force Maj. Gen. Anatoly Konovalov said Europe and Turkey closed airspace for Russian Long-Range Aviation planes carrying out airstrikes on terrorist positions in Syria.

Sputnik news agency quoted Konovalov as saying that this measure has forced Russian pilots to reroute.

According to Konovalov, Russian pilots had to leave for Syria from Russia’s northernmost Olenegorsk military airport in order to bypass Europe and then cross the Mediterranean Sea towards Syria, taking a route outside Europe airspace.

He downplayed the Turkish and European decisions, asserting that even in such conditions, Russia’s Long-Range Aviation proved its capability to perform the assigned tasks.

“We’ve carried out about 145 sorties in total, dropped over 1,500 bombs and fired about 20 air-launched cruise missiles,” Konovalov explained.

Qabas/ H. Said

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