Arab-European delegation to support Syria: Syria will emerge victorious

Lattakia, SANA – The Arab-European delegation to support Syria stressed on Wednesday that Syria will overcome international terrorism and emerge victorious.

Members of the delegation, attending a celebration in Lattakia on Wednesday, said they’ve come to Syria to express their solidarity with the Syrian people against terrorism, and to convey a message that the people of Western countries support the Syrians, contrary to what Western media outlets are trying to claim.

They stressed that Syria will remain the symbol of life and that all attempts to undermine the country will be in vain, adding that there are two major powers in the international arenas now: the US and its allies that are waging war against humanity in its entirety, and the other side which includes Syria and its allies, adding that the unity of the Syrians and their support to their leadership and army enabled the country to confront and overcome terrorism.

The delegation consists of 30 political, parliamentary, mass media, economic, social, and cultural figures from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, and Iraq.

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh

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