General Command: Syrian Army continues targeting terrorists across Syria

Damascus, SANA- The spokesman of the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army reestablished control over 50 villages and farms in the southern countryside of Aleppo and a number of strategic hills in Lattakia countryside, expanding control area in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement on Monday, the spokesman said that units of the Army and Armed Forces continued their operations in Harasta and Nouleh farms in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside, and expanded their control over the areas, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and munitions in the process.

An army unit killed all members of a terrorist group belonging to the so called the “Islamic Union for Cham Soldiers” in Daraya area in Western Ghouta.

Another army unit in cooperation with popular defense groups restored control over Dahrit al-Kasara in the northern countryside of Quneitra.

In Daraa, the army foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from al-Gharia al-Gharbia towards the Electricity Station northeast of Daraa and launched concentrated strikes against terrorists’ gatherings in Attman town, Makas al-Hajar and the crossing between al-Mantra and al-Yadoda.

In the central region, the spokesman said that army units in cooperation with popular defense groups continued to progress in the northern and northwest countryside of Homs, reestablishing control over Snisil village, al-Mahta village, Jawalik Housing and number of blocks of buildings in Tirmaala.

The Army also targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Howsh al-Zabadi, Ezz Eddin, al-Quneitrat villages while army units thwarted a terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from al-Smaalil, Talbeisa, Ayn al-Dananir and al-Saan al-Aswad.

Terrorists’ headquarters and a rocket launcher were destroyed during army’s operations against terrorists’ gatherings in al-Rastan, the area surrounding al-Amiria and Ayn al-Hussein al-Janoubia.

The army’s airstrikes destroyed ammo depots in Tirmaala, al-Ghanto, al-Qaryatin and a command center in Talbeisa, killing a number of terrorists’ leaders.
In Hama countryside, the army’s air force destroyed terrorists’ dens and dozens of their vehicles, some of them equipped with machineguns in Rasm al-Tina, Kafr Zita, south of Athrya, Eykirbat, al-Latamina and Latmin, killing many terrorists.

Army units continued their operations in the southern countryside of Aleppo province and established control over 50 villages and farms and strategic hills, the spokesman said, adding that that they are currently continuing to hunt down fleeing terrorists in the operations areas, announcing that al- Wadihi and al-Haddadeen are safe areas and asking locals to return.

The Army launched airstrikes against terrorists’ positions in al-Miflsa, al-Halabia, Um Arkila, Tal Ahmar, Qbassin, al-Bab, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Deir Hafir, Khan Toman, the area surrounding the Air Force Academy, east of al-Sfeira and the area surrounding al-Nayrab in Aleppo countryside.

Meanwhile in Idleb, the army’s airstrikes destroyed terrorists’ vehicles and killed a number of terrorists.

He stated that other army units continued their operations in the direction of Jub al- Ahmar and Salma areas in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, and established control over a number of hills and strategic areas in the area.

The spokesman said that the army air force carried out concentrated airstrikes against terrorists’ sites and gatherings in Salma area, al-Moghiria, Tartiah and Ako, destroying ammo caches and command centers.

He went on to confirm that the Armed Forces thwarted repeated infiltration attempts by ISIS terrorists and destroyed three car bombs they had deployed before any of them reached military posts in al-Jafra in Deir Ezzor province, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon the terrorists.

The spokesman asserted that the Army and Armed Forces will continue fighting terrorist organizations and hunting down their remnants wherever they are found across the country until the army fulfills its national duty of eliminating terrorism and restoring safety and stability to the entirety of the country.

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