50 years of establishing diplomatic ties, Cuba renews rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs

Havana, SANA- Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Cuban Foreign Ministry Rolando Riccihio expressed his country’s rejection to the foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and its support to the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a ceremony held Tuesday night by the Syrian Embassy in Havana marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Ricciho reiterated that only the Syrian people has the right to determine their future under the Syrian current legitimate leadership led by President Bashar al-Assad.


Renewing his country’s condemnation of the crimes perpetrated by the terrorists against the Syrian people, the Cuban official expressed his government’s rejection of all attempts to undermine Syria’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He hailed the remarkable historical relations between the two countries anchored by the Late President Hafez al-Assad and former President Fidel Castro.

Chairman of the Arab-Cuban Friendship Association Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras, in turn, said Cuba will always support the Syrian people’s right in defending their sovereignty and independence in the face of the war waged against their country
since more than 4 years and calls for stopping it.


Cambras appreciated Syria’s solidarity and unlimited support to Cuba in the international circles, hailing its stance calling for lifting the US unfair siege against the Cuban people.


In Statement to SANA correspondent in Havana, Ramon Labanino, one of the Five Cubans, who spent more than 15 years in American jails on spying charges and were recently released, voiced support to Syria, leadership and people, in the face of the global terrorism backed by the US and its allies.

Syria is targeted today because it is set an example of civilized and humanitarian coexistence and because it has supported all Arab and world liberation movements, mainly the Palestinian cause, Chairman of the International Committee for solidarity with the Five Cuban Graciela Ramirez said.

Ramirez held the world imperialism and Israel responsible for manufacturing terrorism in Syria and the world.


For his part, Charge d’Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Cuba, Dr. Louay al-Awajy hailed the historical relations between the two countries, asserting that the only beneficiary of undermining Syria’s resistant role and demolishing its institutions and army is the Israeli entity.

The ceremony was concluded by screening a documentary film highlighting close ties between Syria and Cuba.

H. Zain/ Barry

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