ISIS demolishes large parts of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra

Homs, SANA – The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists destroyed large parts of the ancient Temple of Bel, dating back to 32 AD, in the UNESCO-listed archeological city of Palmyra at the central Homs province countryside.

Reliable local sources from inside Palmyra, which is under an ISIS siege since last May, told SANA reporter in Home that ISIS terrorists demolished on Sunday afternoon large parts of Temple of Bel.

The sources said ISIS booby-trapped the remaining parts of the Temple with massive quantities of explosives, warning that they could blow it up completely at any moment.

Over the past period ISIS has destroyed several ancient sites in Palmyra city, the latest was Temple of Baalshamin which was destroyed less than ten days ago.

It also beheaded a senior archeologist of Palmyra Khaled al-Asaad on August 19.

In early July, ISIS destroyed the 1,900-year-old “Lion of Al-Lat” statue in Palmyra.

H. Said

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