About 110,000 high school students start supplementary term exams

Damascus , SANA- 110, 000 high school students started Sunday the supplementary term exams in all provinces for all branches including scientific, literary, Sharia ( Islamic studies) and vocational including industrial, commercial and feminist branches.

Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz said in a statement that 61947 students of the scientific branch and 40325 of the literary branch, who represent about 64 % of the students who applied for the first term, started the second term of the final exams, noting that this exam term is for students who failed the previous exams as well as to those who passed the first exams and want to have a chance to improve
their grades in three subjects.

Minister al-Waz added that the experience of the supplementary term of the final exam in its third year proved that it was successful in the past two years through studies of questionnaires from specialists in the educational field and some students and parents, indicating that this session shorten the full school year.

Ministry of Education issued on July 4th the results of the first session of the final exams of the secondary school for all branches for the year 2015.

The supplementary session of the exam for the scientific branch lasts till August 6th and of the literary branch till August 5th ,while the Sharia branch lasts till August 8th .
Qabas/ Manal

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