Tourism Ministry organizes internal tourist tour to Sweida

Sweida, SANA – The Ministry of Tourism on Sunday organized an internal tour to Sweida province with the aim of promoting internal tourism and introducing the archeological sites and monuments in the province and the country.

A delegation comprising 150 persons participated in the tour, which included visits to archeological museums, theatres, baths and a visit to Sheikh Akel of the Unitarian Muslims in Syria Sheikh Hukmat al-Hijri.

Sheikh al-Hijri said people of Sweida are proud of their province’s cultural and archeological heritage, adding that the crisis in the country proved that the Syrians are a free people that will never overlook their principles and will always preserves their identity in the face of challenges.

In Turn, head of Sweida Tourist Directorate Yaarub al-Arbeed said the directorate has completed 24 projects and there are another 30 projects under construction in addition to projects under study, including chairlift and tourist compound.

M. Nassr


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