Khzeim: Syria pays all attention to building cooperation bridges with Arab brothers and friends

Baghdad, SANA- Transport Minister Zouhair Khzeim urged a useful, comprehensive and more sustainable economic feasibility, allowing the flow of transport in all its forms between Arab countries.

“This will have positive repercussions on the peoples of the region as a whole,” said the Minister during his speech at the Development Road Conference in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.

He added that Syria attaches all attention to building bridges of cooperation and communication with Arab brothers and friends.

“Our presence today at this event is an opportunity to confirm our support for the Route for Development initiative,” he indicatd.

Activities of the Development Road Conference kicked off on Saturday in Baghdad, with participation of Transport Ministers of Syria, Iraq’s neighboring and Gulf Cooperation Council States.

The Conference aims at enhancing cooperation and economic interdependence between Iraq and its brotherly and friendly states, in a way that constitutes a pillar for peace, stability and prosperity of the peoples of the region.

Shaza Qreima

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