Australian writer: US continues violating human rights and intervention policies worldwide

Canberra, SANA-Australian writer Caitlin Johnston slammed the stereotypical policy pursued by the United States for decades of interfering in the affairs of other countries to achieve certain goals or fabricating pretexts and misleading lies for this purpose, referring in this context to the hostile American practices towards Syria and other countries such as China and Russia.

In an article published on her blog, Johnston indicated to the continued illegal presence of the US occupation forces in Syria, referring to the false allegations and accusations made by Washington about Iran’s role at the attack on US bases in Syria. Such allegations should not be taken into account, she stressed.

This week, the US occupation forces launched an attack on some areas in Deir -Ezzor province, which led to a number of victims, injury to others, and material damage.

Spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Keivan Khosravi, affirmed that the US is trying to evade the repercussions of its illegitimate occupation of part of the Syrian territories, by making false accusations against Iran of attacking the illegitimate American bases.

Johnston ridiculed the claim of the US on defending freedoms and human rights while it is illegally present in countries around the world, including countries in the Middle East, indicating that the peoples of these countries have the absolute right to resist the American occupation forces from their lands.

She also held responsibility for the death or injury of any American while resisting the US occupation forces in any country around the world on Washington, simply because it placed them there for colonial policies.

Johnston referred to the policy of double standards that characterized successive US administrations, particularly with regard to human rights, as they claim to defend freedoms and take this claim as a pretext to interfere in the affairs of other countries, but at the same time they turned a blind eye on the violations and atrocities committed by them and their allies.

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