President al-Assad issues decrees on appointing new governors for eight Syrian provinces

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad issued Wednesday five decrees for the year 2022 appointing new governors for the provinces of Damascus, Damascus countryside, Hama, Tartous, Quneitra, Homs, Sweida and Hasaka.

Decree No.198 stipulates ending the appointment of Adel Anwar al-Olabi as Governor of Damascus, to be replaced by Mr. Mohammad Tariq Kreishati who was Governor of Hama.

Decree No.199 terminated the appointment of Ghassan Halim Khalil as Governor of al-Hasakah, to be replaced by Dr. Louay Sayouh for the same position.

Meanwhile, Decree No.200 appoints Mr. Safwan Suleiman Abu Saada, who was Governor of Tartous, as Governor of Damascus Countryside.

The decree also transformed Mr. Abdel Halim Khalil, who was Governor of Quneitra, to occupy the position of Tartous governor.

In turn, Mr. Moataz Abu Al-Nasr Jamran, who was the governor of Damascus countryside is appointed as the new governor of the Quneitra.

Decree No.201 appointed Mr. Bassam Mamdouh Parsik, who was Governor of Homs, to occupy the position of Sweida Governor.

It also moved Mr. Namir Habib Makhlouf, who was Governor of Sweida to occupy the position of Governor of Homs.

Decree No.202 appoints Dr. Mahmoud Zanubua as Governor of Hama.

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