Syria and Belarus discuss higher education cooperation

Minsk, SANA_ Belarus’ Education Minister Igor Karpenko discussed on Friday with Syrian Ambassador in Minsk, Muhammad al-Amrani historic friendship relations binding Syria and Belarus, and means of bolstering cooperation in fields of higher education and recreational camps for Syrian children which are set up by the Belarusian national children’s education and recuperation center.

Karpenko described the ties which binds the two countries as brotherly and historic , affirming the importance of the upcoming presidential election entitlement in the face of various forms of external interference and pressures to which Syria is exposed, which are similar to pressure that Belarus is exposed to and attempts of external interference in its internal affairs.

He voiced his country’s willingness to enhance cooperation with Syria in various fields , especially the higher education and cooperation between universities of the two countries , noting that Belarus will continue hosting the Syrian children in its recreational camps along with the humanitarian aid it provides aimed at strengthening friendship between the two countries.

Al-Omrani, in turn, underlined Syria’s keenness to activating bilateral cooperation with Belarus in a way that serves the two friendly peoples.

He thanked Belarus for the humanitarian initiative by setting up the recreational camps for the Syrian children who suffered from the terrorist war against Syria over the past years, affirming the importance of activating the terms of the cooperation agreement signed between the two countries in the field of higher education and higher studies for the benefit of both sides.

Shaza Qriema

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