Worldwide coronavirus death toll exceeds two million and 948 Thousand

Capitals, SANA- The novel coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of 2,948,000 people worldwide since its outbreak in December 2019.

According to the latest statistics by the American Worldometers website, the total number of the worldwide coronavirus infections has reached up to 136,570,909, and the deaths reached up 2,948,088.

The number of recoveries cases have amounted to 109,760,575.

The US still tops the worst affected countries in terms of infections and deaths as it has recorded 575,818 deaths out of 31,915,179 infections, while India comes second with 170,209 deaths out of 13,525,364 infections.

Brazil comes in the third place as it has registered 353,137 deaths out of 13,482,023 infections.

Shaza al-Ashkar / Shaza Qriema

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