Damascus Chamber of Commerce elects new board of directors

Damascus, SANA- Damascus Chamber of Commerce on Monday announced the final results of the elections held on Sunday for choosing its new board of directors for the years 2015-2018.

The 12 electorate seats were won by Mohammad Ghassan al-Qalla’a, Mohammad Hamshou, Muhi-Eddin al-Farra, Mohammad al-Hallaq, Ammar al-Bardan, Erfan Darkal, Mohammad Manar al-Jallad, Bashar al-Nouri, Mohammad Abu al-Huda al-Lahham, Mohammad Issam Ma’atouq , Mohammad al-Khattab and Mohammad Basel Hadaya.

Two electoral lists including 15 candidates participated in the elections under the supervision of a specialized committee while the number of voters amounted to 6,000.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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