National Vaccination Days in Hama… intensified efforts to provide healthcare

Hama, SANA- Despite the difficulties imposed by the terrorist war and the unilateral coercive measures on Syria, the Health Ministry has continued to implement the national program to vaccinate children through its health centers in various provinces, in addition to the national anti-polio vaccination campaigns, and the national vaccination days for under-five children who have missed out on vaccination.

The National Vaccination Days, launched by the Ministry last Sunday, constitute an appropriate opportunity to deliver free and safe vaccines to children who have missed out on previous vaccination campaigns, especially in the newly freed areas from terrorism that have not receive the required health services due to the presence of terrorists in them.

Vaccination official in Hama province, Hassan al-Mahmoud, told SANA reporter that the National Vaccination Days target 6,565 children who have missed out on the vaccines, including 5996 children who partially missed out on previous vaccines, and 569 children who totally missed out on vaccines.

Al-Mahmoud indicated that the National Vaccination Days will focus on the areas which have been liberated from terrorism, especially in the northern and eastern countryside of the province to ensure that all children are vaccinated there from one day to five years old, in addition to assisting the Idleb Health Directorate in some areas in the southern countryside.

He added that the number of health centers participating in the campaign is /139/, adding that / 49 / mobile vaccine teams and / 10 / medical points have been also formed to participate in giving the vaccines to the children.

Meanwhile, a number of people in the city of Kafr Zita expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the health staff working in the mobile teams during the National Vaccination Days and the advice and guidance they give to the people about the importance of the vaccine in protecting children.

The people noted that they received new vaccine cards that specify the date of the remaining vaccines intended for children under the age of five years.

It is noteworthy that the National Vaccination Days started last Sunday and will end tomorrow, Thursday, in different Syrian provinces.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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