Syria, Iran discuss means of enhancing scientific, economic cooperation- update

Damascus, SANA-Talks that were held on Tuesday at the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research, led by Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and the advisor to the first vice President of Iran, Hassan Dannaiefar, concentrated on promoting and developing scientific cooperation in the field of scholarships.

The talks also discussed means of setting up training and rehabilitation programs and exchanging students and professors by holding research conferences and technology incubators.

Minister Ibrahim pointed to the distinguished scientific relations between Syria and Iran and the various scientific, cultural and research cooperation programs between the two sides.

The Minister affirmed that Iran has made great progress in its scientific and research centers especially medical ones, as nanotechnology and stem cells.

In turn, Dannaie stressed the importance of promoting the level of scientific and research relations between universities in Syria and Iran and intensifying the efforts to realize best outcomes in the scientific joint projects.

In the same context, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Talal Barazi discussed with the Iranian delegation the economic cooperation relations and the trade exchange between the two countries and means to develop and strengthen them, in addition to the reality of the projects which are being implemented in Syria.

Syria, Iran discuss means to strengthen economic cooperation, trade exchange 

Talks during the meeting dealt with the needs of markets in both countries of goods and of commodities, food and consumer goods, and the need to find mechanisms and means for the flow of goods and materials between the two countries and to provide the requirements of their peoples in a way that contributes to strengthening their stand in the face of unilateral economic coercive measures.

Both sides affirmed the necessity of upgrading the economic cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries so as to reach the level of the standing distinguished political relations binding the two countries to be able to overcome the challenges facing them.

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