Hotlines and one thousand doctors within Damascus doctors initiative for tackling coronavirus

Damascus, SANA- Hotlines for answering the questions and a team of doctors and remote communication with specialists in China, France and Italy are different tracks that have been launched by Damascus Doctors Syndicate with the aim of tackling the new coronavirus (covid-19).

Head of Damascus Doctors Syndicate Dr. Hassan Ghabash said that based on its social responsibility and its professional and humanitarian role, the Syndicate has launched several initiatives in line with the outbreak of the coronavirus across the world and after registering it as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Ghabash noted that the Syndicate has made a survey for the doctors who are ready to provide the public health services in the emergency cases and it has divided them into sectors and areas in the cases  of difficult movement between the areas and it will submit a list of their names to the Ministry of Health to be at their disposal, indicating their number is estimated at one thousand doctors.

Head of the Syndicate added that leaflets were distributed to raise awareness on the virus and the symptoms which it causes and the ways to prevent it within the city of Damascus in public and private hospitals and some neighborhoods, in cooperation with the  mayors  and a number of volunteers and NGOs.

Regarding communication with international doctors, Dr. Ghobash said that the Syndicate organized a meeting via the Internet for 4 hours with a group of specialists who has an experience in dealing with the pandemic in China, Germany, France and Italy to benefit from their clinical experiences in managing patients and see the latest scientific evidence related to the development of the virus.

Dr. Ghabash said that the Syndicate published the meeting on its Facebook page to ensure that it reached the largest possible number of doctors, which was estimated at 10,000.

On the Hotlines Initiative, Dr. Ghabash said that it aims to reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics and to provide reassurance to citizens by listening to them and answering their questions according to a medical protocol certified by the Ministry of Health.

The union team receives calls from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 pm through the hotlines 3343131-3334733 – 0993394391 -0993394392 -0993394390, according to Dr. Ghabash, who pointed out that the period can be extended around the clock  in case of emergency.

 Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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