Universities and schools suspended, work hours cut down as precautionary measures against Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA – Due to the expanding threat of Coronavirus around the world as it has become a global pandemic, the Syrian government took a number of precautionary and preventative steps to protect citizens.

During a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, a ministerial team approved a series of precautionary steps, including the suspension of universities, schools, and institutes as of 14/03/2020 to 02/04/2020.

The team also decided to reduce work hours at administrative public sector establishments to around 40%, suspending handprint sign-in for a month.

Economic services establishments are to reorganize work to function in the optimal manner with the minimum amount of workers for 15 days. Work in the public and private sectors will continue for technicians and production workers after providing the suitable preventative measures and providing medical staff for conducting regular checkups.

In order to reduce unnecessary crowding, all scientific, cultural, social, and sporting events that involve large gatherings of people have been suspended.

In addition, restaurants and cafes are to refrain from providing hookah (water pipe), and venues for social gatherings have been closed, while a plan has been devised to sanitize public transportation.

Two more quarantine centers are to be opened in each province, as well.

Hazem Sabbagh

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