Army carries on fierce clashes with Turkish occupation forces

Hasaka, SANA- Units of the Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday clashed with Turkish occupation forces in Tal al-Ward village in Ras al-Ayn countryside.

Fierce clashes were erupted between the Syrian Arab Army and the Turkish occupation forces in Tal al-Ward village in Ras al-Ayn southern countryside, SANA reporter said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish offensive and its mercenary terrorists targeted with artillery shells locals’ houses in the villages of Tal Tamr northern countryside, causing the displacement of a large number of people, the reporter added.

The reporter said that the Turkish forces also attacked Abu Rasin area in Ras al-Ayn eastern countryside synchronizing with artillery strikes on its neighborhoods.

The reporter indicated that Turkish forces occupied al-Mahmoudiya and al-Darbu villages in Ras al-Ayn countryside after targeting them with aerial and artillery bombardments.

The reporter said that a convoy of trucks for US occupation forces moved from illegal Qasrak base between Tal Tamr and Tal Baidar in Hasaka northern countryside heading for Iraq.


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