Undaunted by economic siege, Homs medical factories continue production to support national economy

Homs, SANA- The pharmaceutical industries sector in Homs has proven its effective role in supporting the national economy through its resilience and its continuous work throughout the crisis, and its contribution to providing the needs of the local market, in addition to exporting medicines to foreign markets despite of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria.

Executive Director at Ibn Hayan company for Pharmaceutical Industries Iyad al-Sib’ai told SANA in a statement that work at the factory  hasn’t stopped throughout the years of the crisis with the aim of providing the local market with the needed medical supplies.

Director General of Medico Company for Pharmaceutical Industries Dr. Nabil al-Qasir said the company has continued production despite of the economic sanctions and the difficult circumstances  throughout the crisis and it has worked on providing all types of medical products with the aim of supporting the national economy.

He added that the company produces more than 300 types of medications and provides jobs for  more than 400 workers.

For his part, Financial Director of EMESSA Company for Medical Industries  Basem al-Jani  stressed that the factory continued producing medicines during the years of the crisis although it is located near Homs northern countryside.

He added that the factory hasn’t stopped production despite of the economic siege imposed on Syria which has hindered ensuring  the required raw materials, pointing out that the factory has resumed its full production capacity as it is currently producing various types of medicines estimated at 130 types.

For her part, Head of the Educational Committee at Homs Pharmacists Syndicate Dr. Maha Ibrahim said that the local medical production covers about 95 percent of the needs of the local market.

Dr. Ibrahim added that there are 96 pharmaceutical factories in Syria which ensure various types of medications.

She pointed out that all types of medicines needed for chronic diseases and tumors are  available, except some cancer medicines and some vaccines as the Ministry of Health works on importing them.

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri



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