Two Israeli drones fall over residential neighborhoods in Beirut’s Southern Suburb

Beirut, SANA- In a new Israeli aggression against Lebanon, two hostile Israeli drones last night came down over residential neighborhoods in Beirut’s Southern Suburb (Dahiyeh).

Lebanese al-Manar TV said that one of the drones fell over one of the buildings in Moawwad neighborhood in the Southern Suburb and after half an hour another drone came down in the same area causing a loud blast and a fire.

It added that the Israeli aggression caused material damage to the nearby residential buildings.

Head of Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office Mohammed Afif said in a phone call with the Lebanese National News Agency that “Hezbollah  didn’t shoot down any drone”.

He added that the first drone came down without causing any damages while the second drone was laden with explosives and it went off causing huge damage to Hezbollah Media Center in the Southern Suburb.

Afif indicated that the first drone which didn’t exploded was seized by Hezbollah which is working on analyzing the reasons of sending it and the tasks which it tried to implement.

When asked about Hezbollah’s response, Afif said it will be announced by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah who is scheduled to speak today during a ceremony at 05:00 pm at al-Ain town in Beqaa.

Lebanese army affirms Israeli drone falls, another explodes over Beirut’s Southern Suburb

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Army affirmed that two Israeli hostile drones violated the Lebanese airspace over Beirut’s Southern Suburb (Dahiyeh), indicating that one of them came down while the other went off in the air.

A statement issued by the Army’s Leadership on Sunday read that “while two drones of the Israeli enemy were violating the Lebanese airspace over the area of Moawwad, Madi neighborhood in Beirut’s Southern Suburb, one of them came down on the land while the other went off in the air causing only material damage.”

The statement added that ” immediately a force from the army came and it worked on encircling the place where the drone fell and it took all the required measures while the military police started to investigate into the incident under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”

The Israeli enemy continues to violate the Lebanese sovereignty in an outrageous violation of the relevant international laws and resolutions, particularly the resolution no. 1701.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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