Syrian-Czech archeological expedition to start excavations at Talet al-Shamiya in Lattakia in autumn

Prague, SANA- The Czech National Museum announced that the Syrian-Czech joint archeological expedition will start excavations at Talet al-Shamiya site in Lattakia in autumn this year.

On sidelines of an exhibition hosted by Damascus National Museum last Sunday, the Antiquities and Museums Department signed a memo of understanding with the National Museum in the Czech Republic which provides for forming a Czech-Syrian joint archeological expedition to make excavations at the archeological sites in the Syrian coastal region.

A press statement issued by the museum said that this expedition will allow Czech researchers from the museum to make excavations in an exceptional area in which most of the archeological findings date back to the Bronze Era and the Iron Era in the period between the years 2500 and 1120 B.C.

The statement hailed the long-term cooperation between the Czech Museum and the Syrian Antiquities and Museums Department, affirming that it will continue this cooperation to help saving some Syrian archeological sites which are on the UNESCO World Heritage lists which have been intentionally destroyed.

The statement said that the Syrian territories have always witnessed significant events throughout the history of humanity which have been preserved on the materialistic level through the archeological sites and the historical buildings and at the museums, but they have been endangered throughout the war on Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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