Israeli media reveals occupation government’s involvement in fabrication of chemical incidents by White Helmets

Occupied Al-Quds, SANA – After years of denial hiding behind the lie of “humanitarian work,” the Israeli media revealed the Israeli occupation government’s involvement in the fabrication of chemical incidents by terrorist organizations in Syria.

A televised report by the Israeli Channel 12 confirmed that the Israeli occupation government supervised and cooperated with the “White Helmets” terrorists to stage fake chemical incidents to frame the Syrian Arab Army, which were later promoted by Western and Gulf media outlets to serve as pretext for a military attack on Syria.

This is the first open and clear acknowledgement of the Israeli role in supporting the White Helmets, which had previously denied having any relations with the Israeli entity despite the fact that the Israeli government had evacuated 800 of the White Helmets members and their relatives from the south of Syria upon an American request.

Hazem Sabbagh

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