Mikdad: Importance of cooperation among world liberation movements to foil imperialistic plots

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad on Thursday received Mpho Masemola, National Secretary of the Ex-political prisoners Association in South Africa, and the accompanying delegation.

Head of the delegation clarified that the visit to the country aims at supporting Syria’s firm stance in confronting the war of terror and to support resistance against Zionism and the Israeli occupation.

The delegation expressed desire of a joint work for supporting resistance, calling upon all free forces of the world to cooperate for releasing all the political prisoners in the fascist Israeli jails. He also condemned Washington declaration about the occupied Syrian Golan.

In this context, Mikdad stressed the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army which managed to restore confidence of all those supporting resistance of the inevitable victory against the Israeli and Western schemes, which are basically targeting the Palestinian Cause and the roles of states standing in the face of the hegemony of the US and the West.

He also stressed the importance of coordination and cooperation of the liberation movements in the world for foiling the imperialistic schemes.

Mikdad noted that Syria considers itself part of the front that has supported struggle of people of South Africa until they gained liberation from apartheid regime.

Mikdad: visit of the delegation reflects the spirit and life of South African people 

“The visit of the delegation to offer support to the resistance reflects the spirit and life of South African people who have fought against the Apartheid regime and have been able to end it,” Mikdad said in a press statement.

He added that members of the delegation expressed solidarity with the Syrian captives in the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly captive Sidqi al-Maqt who has long defended his homeland, Syria, and uncovered the alliance of the Israeli occupation with the terrorist organizations.

“Turkey should recognize that its support to terrorism and its occupation of the Syrian territories will not bring peace or security to it,” Mikdad said, calling on “the Kurdish organizations” which became a low tool in the hand of the US, to be loyal to the Homeland.

Rasha Milhem/Mazen

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