A child killed,four others injured in IED blast left behind by terrorists in Aleppo and Daraa


Aleppo /Daraa, SANA- A child was killed, two others were injured in IED blast left behind by terrorist groups in al-Soukari neighborhood in Aleppo city.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA reporter that an IED left behind by the terrorist groups went off on Sunday in al-Soukari neighborhood in Aleppo city, calming the life of a child and injuring two others.

The source indicated that the two children were hospitalized to al-Jame’a (University) hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

Later, the reporter said that two workers in Daraa’s Agriculture Directorate were injured when a landmine from the terrorists’ remnants went off on al-Sheikh Maskin/Nawa road, while they were planting trees alongside of the road.

Shaza/Gh.A. Hassoun

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