Palmyra Theater…archaeological stones arrayed in unique Roman architectural style

Palmyra, SANA_ The  landmark ancient Roman theater in Palmyra is one of the most fascinating Roman buildings which includes stone benches arrayed with unique artistic skill.

Anyone sitting in this ancient theater can see what is happening on the representation platform which is considered the most important place in the theater.

The theater towers are parallel, entrances decorated with ornate decorations and huge columns topped with a triangular front on which the disk of the sun was engraved; it symbolizes Palmyra city and is branching out rays in the form of fruitful branches which adds aesthetic value to architectural style, Secretary of Palmyra National Museum, Khalil al-Hariri said in s statement  SANA.

This theater has five doors and the main entrance as they are  decorated with triangular fronts;  the columns at the stage are built in the Corinthian order .

The central door opens inward with a semicircular axis. The proscenium wall is decorated with curved and rectangular niches placed alternately.

In the 1950s the theater was cleared from the sand and subsequently underwent restoration works.


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