Insulation of church roof at Krak des Chevaliers castle to protect murals completed

Homs, SANA – The joint Syrian-Hungarian archaeological expedition resumed its works at Krak des Chevaliers castle in Homs countryside.

Head of Antiquities Department in Homs, Hussam Hamish, told SANA that the mission which has been operating in Syria since 2000, has made several accomplishments including the insulation of church roof to preserve some of its parts and protect ancient murals on its northern wall, in addition to the discovery of water channels and sewage systems depending on 3-D imaging technique to keep archaeological stones intact.

He noted that the mission will continue the archiving and documentation works and put the finishing touches to its final report, pointing out scheme guidelines will be set up in order to invest in tourism and archaeological attraction, including the naming of halls, towers, squares and basements.

Hamish said that the rehabilitation works of old markets, the Grand Mosque and al-Arba’ein Mosque in Homs City as well as the external porches surrounding Khaled Bin al-Walid Mosque are still underway.

R. Raslan/ Gh.A.Hassoun



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