US and Israeli-made missiles from terrorists’ remnants found in Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA- Competent authorities on Sunday found quantities of US and Israeli made weapons, ammunition and missiles in al-Yadodeh towan and the farms surrounding it in Daraa countryside .

An officer in the competent authorities told SANA that, during the the process of combing the western countryside of Daraa, US- made TAW missiles, Israeli-made LAw missiles, medium and light weapons, 23 and 14,5 mm ammunition and various mortars were found in al-Yadodeh town.

The seized weapons included PKC machineguns, a B-10 machingun, RPG rounds,  a sniper rifle, a DShK machingun and cameras, the officer said.

The combing operations are continued to clear the area of ​​IEDs, shells and mines left behind by the terrorists, the officer added.




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