Free shipment for export contract goods signed on Damascus International Fair sidelines

Damascus, SANA- As part of the government’s support for the exportation process, Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade said that the shipment of goods under export contracts signed on the sidelines of Damascus International Fair will be free of charge by 100%.

The Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the cost of shipping all goods exported in accordance with the contracts concluded as part of Damascus International Fair last year or in the upcoming edition comes with the aim of supporting the Syrian exports and their access to foreign markets on the one hand, and increasing their ability to compete on the other, as free shipping would reduce the cost on the supplier and thus give goods the ability to compete in similar abroad markets.

“For the first time, a model for the export contract will be adopted between the contracting parties. The form of the contract was prepared and organized by the Local Production and Export Support and Development Authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy,” according to the ministry’s statement.

The ministry stated that this measure is part of the successive steps it is working on to develop the export sector. The Syrian products are now reaching about 103 countries despite the economic siege and the unilateral economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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