Education Ministry releases results of high school certificate exams for 2018

Damascus, SANA – The Education Ministry on Thursday released the results of the high school certificate exams (the Baccalaureate)  for the scientific, literary, Sharia, and vocational branches for the academic year 2017-2018 .

111240 students took the final exams of the scientific branch of Baccalaureate (12th grade) certificate, with 65328 passing at a percentage of 58.73 %.

In the literary branch, 28702 students passed out of 68928 who took the exams with a percentage 41.64 %.

The passing percentage for Sharia is 63.53 as 1106 out of 1741 students passed the exams.

The passing percentages for the vocational branches are as follows: 64.58 % for women’s arts branch, 58.03 % for industrial branch and 43.73% for commercial branch.


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