Authorities dismantle IEDs, uncover tunnels in Beit Sahem, Babila, Yalda

Damascus Countryside, SANA– While canvassing the towns of Beit Sahem, Babila and Yalda in southern Damascus, the authorities discovered Wednesday amounts of weapons, ammunition and scores of explosive devices (IEDs) and a complicated tunnel network left behind by terrorists after they were transported to northern Syria.

SANA’s reporter said that an engineering unit continued combing operations in the three towns which were liberated from terrorism, uncovering various kinds of ammunition, mortar shells, weapons, and scores of explosive devices left behind by terrorist organizations.

The reporter added that the engineering personnel removed and dismantled the IEDs which were planted in the houses and the headquarters that were used by the terrorists, including IEDs for targeting vehicles and individuals.

The reporter pointed out that the terrorists had rigged two oxygen cylinders, two window frames, car batteries, fire extinguishers, a number of pens and a rifle-shaped figure that explodes when the magazine is pulled.

Anti-armor missiles and anti –tanks missiles were among the seized weapons , the reporter said, adding that this indicates the huge external support provided for the terrorist organizations , in addition to seizing primary materials used to manufacture explosives , local grenades with various sizes, mortar shells and two explosives belts.

The reporter added that the authorities discovered a tunnel network and trenches 700-meter long and 2-meter high which terrorists dug underneath the residential buildings and the farms in Beit Sahem town, extending towards Jarmana city, the Airport highway and Aqraba town which they used for transporting and attacking the passing cars on the Airport Highway with sniper fire.

The tunnel network is equipped with communication, lightening and electricity.

The reporter added that engineering personnel removed and dismantled the IEDs, continued the combing and canvassing operations to pave the way for the return of the citizens to their houses, farms and workshops.

The reporter added that the combing operations are accompanied settling the legal status of the militants who decided to stay in their towns.

During the past few days, the status of about 800 persons was settled in the town of Babila in Damascus Countryside, including a number of militants.


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