Syria, Cuba to enhance cooperation in energy domain

Havana, SANA- Cuban Minister of Energy and Mines Alfredo Lopez Valdes stressed the importance of cooperation between Syria and Cuba in the field of energy, particularly in light of Cuba development it has achieved in the field of power generation.

Valdes, meeting the Syrian Ambassador in Cuba Idris Mia in Havana, hailed Syria’s steadfastness and victories achieved recently by the Syrian Arab army in combating terrorism.
He expressed confidence Syria would have victory in the war against terrorism.

For his part, Mia reiterated the importance of cooperation between the two countries in all domains, particularly in the alternative energy.

The Syrian Ambassador pointed out that the terrorist organizations have systematically targeted the infrastructure, oil and gas wells.

He noted that the victories achieved by the Syrian army contributed to resuming the work in those wells which positively affect the status of energy in the country.

H.Zain/ Mazen

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