Educational process in Ghouta accelerates in parallel with other services

Damascus Countryside, SANA- After restoring security and stability to the towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta, the state’s institutions have returned to provide all services to citizens including the educational process which has been accelerated since the liberation of the area of terrorist organizations.

As part of the Ministry of Education’s plan to return all students to their schools, hundreds of students of Eastern Ghouta, who live in al-Nashabiya makeshift center, head to schools every day to keep pace with their colleagues in other areas and compensate what they miss  through an intensive teaching plan.

Headmaster of al-Nashabya School said that the school includes students from all the villages and towns of eastern Ghouta, adding that the students took tests before they were distributed to classes

The Headmaster pointed out that the ministry extended the school year to the first of next September which is a sufficient period to complete the curriculum.

Students, for their part, expressed their satisfaction to return to the school after a hiatus of several years because of the practices of terrorist organizations, which prevented teaching in the area.

Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Damascus Countryside, Fatima Rashid, at al-Nashabia Makeshift Center told SANA that in accordance with the plans to provide support to the people who left al-Ghouta, the Directorate in cooperation with local association has provided food and health assistance and clothes in addition to the mobility aids for people with disabilities.

She added that a number of volunteer teams are organizing recreational activities for residents of the makeshift center, and that the Directorate is in the process of establishing training and rehabilitation workshops for women to work in sewing workshops and carpet factory in al-Fayhaa Center of Adra area in addition to collective kitchens in the center.

Since the liberation of eastern Ghouta from terrorism, all state’s institutions have worked to restore basic services and rehabilitate the infrastructure in parallel with the provision of food and medical aid and vaccinations, which were denied by terrorist organizations for several years.

Manar al-Freih/Ghossoun

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