Sabbagh: Syrian people suffering due to US and Western coercive measures

Damascus, SANA- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hamoudeh Sabbagh said that the Syrian people are suffering due to unilateral coercive measures imposed by US and the West, describing the measures as unjust and Illegitimate.

Sabbagh’s remarks came during a meeting on Thursday with an American-French church delegation who is visiting Syria currently, headed by Marilyn Borst.

Sabbagh clarified that since the beginning of crisis in Syria, the US has launched slogans on countering terrorism, yet in reality worked to support the terrorists of the so-called moderate opposition which destroyed the educational and health infrastructures and places of worship, adding that US-France and Britain mounted an aggression on Syria when supporting terrorism had failed.

For her part, Borst said that she shares the same feelings of anger that the Syrian people have over the latest US government‘s acts against Syria.

Borst underlined that churches which the delegation members belong to support Syria under the crisis, saying that some of the delegation members met President Bashar al-Assad in previous visits and expressed their solidarity and support for the Syrian people.

For their part, the members of the delegation hoped that peace and stability will soon return to Syria.

In a statement to journalists, Borst clarified that the delegation members realize that the US media outlets do not reflect the real image of the situation in Syria, pointing out that many American people were angry over the US-British-French tripartite aggression on Syria which did not have the approval of Congress.


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