White Helmets, a propaganda machine supporting terrorists, funded and manufactured by hostile countries

Damascus, SANA – White Helmets is one of the facets of the conspiracies concocted by the forces hostiles towards Syria. Numerous media reports have uncovered the real identity of this organization whose key role is falsifying facts and fabricating lies to serve the interests of the countries hostile to Syria who support and finance it, in addition to call for foreign intervention.

The Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim reported in the past few days that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, in cooperation with the White Helmets organization, are preparing to use chemical weapons against civilians in Idleb and blame the Syrian army for the attack.

A citizen from the city of Saraqib told the Center about preparations to stage an incident using chemicals against civilians, which would be broadcast via a foreign channel.

The Russian Center said that Jabhat al-Nusra brought to Saraqib more than twenty chlorine gas cylinders, and the White Helmets started to rehearse for staging fake scenes of them providing first aid while wearing personal protective equipment and claiming that they are saving the lives of people from poisoning by toxic gas used on them.

 It has been revealed that a British security expert and a former officer, James Le Mesurier, founded the White Helmets, with the sole aim of using this organization as a propaganda tool to gain the international public’s sympathy by faking humanitarian disasters and using them as excuse to attack Syria under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons.

On December 2016, after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the eastern part of Aleppo city, the true nature of the White Helmets – which has been praised by international media for its humanitarian efforts in Syria -was revealed; after combing the eastern neighborhoods, the army found in al-Nusra headquarters big quantities of toxic substances and prisons which were used in cooperation with the White Helmets to exploit the imprisoned civilians in their propaganda.

 Furthermore, the Army’s engineering units discovered on January 11, 2017,chemical materials of Saudi origin in a depot that had been used by armed terrorist organizations in the Old City in Aleppo, materials which had been used to attack residential areas in Aleppo by terrorists.

 Last year, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, a Sweden-based NGO, revealed in a report that the White Helmets committed heinous crimes against the Syrians and deliberately killed innocent children in order to use them in staged videos about alleged chemical attacks, whether in Khan Sheikhoun or in other Syrian areas.

A terrorist named Walid Hendi confessed that he and some of his cohorts, who had been working for a terrorist organization positioned in the eastern part of Aleppo under the umbrella of the White Helmets, had participated in fabricating footage and pictures about chemical attacks on neighborhoods and areas of Aleppo in exchange for money, and that they were given protective clothing and gas masks to take part in a staged scenario that was shot and broadcast by a Turkish TV channel to pass it off as a chemical attack.

This information, along with numerous reports, testimonies, and evidence, as well as photos and posts on social media by members of the White Helmets themselves, all of which reveals their true colors and the fact that they are far from being a humanitarian organization; rather they are a mask used to support terrorists and cover up their crime, as well as carrying out the agendas of hostile countries and legitimize foreign intervention.

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