Army continues operation in Idleb countryside, liberates several towns and villages

Hama, SANA – The Syrian Arab Army is continuing its military operation in Idleb province’s southeastern countryside, restoring security to the villages in Abu Dali area, ridding them of terrorists.

A Field commander told SANA that the Syrian Arab Army’s tactics relied on offensives from multiple directions to take terrorist organizations by surprise and weaken their defensive ability, which collapsed rapidly under the pressure of the Army.

He added that special operations forces are working to establish control over this area in order to establish an advanced point in the vast countryside of Idleb where Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliates are running amok, which will serve as a springboard for military operations to liberate other areas, especially in the direction of Abu al-Duhur.

SANA’s correspondent reported that the Army units, in cooperation with the supporting and allied forces, have developed their field tactics by forming advanced spearheads and ambushing the terrorist groups who are active on a battlefront exceeding 50 km from the town of al-Tamania in the southern countryside of Idleb to the town of al-Shakusiyah in eastern countryside of Hama.

He added that the army units, backed by the Syrian Air Force, focused on destroying terrorists and their logistic supply routes to isolate them.

The Army, according to the correspondent, was able to destroy terrorists’ fortified sites, which has helped to eliminate dozens of mercenary terrorists from Turkestan and Chechnya and other nationalities in Idleb countryside.

Moreover, the high-level coordination among army units and the use of various types of weapons played a prominent role in the liberation many villages and hills in the northeastern countryside of Hama and the southeastern countryside of Idleb.

Field reports confirm that the Syrian Arab Army inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists, killing more than 150 of them including the“military commander” of Ahrar al-Cham terror group Khaled al-Aloush, in addition to Hany al-Aloush, Deebo Abdulhamid Atman who was one of the leaders of Ahrar al-Cham, Mohamed Abdull-Hamid Korj, and others, in addition to the destruction of more than 10 vehicles, some of them equipped with heavy machineguns.

The Army also found a network of tunnels in the town of al-Ruweida, seized dozens of mortar launchers and various types of ammo, and dismantled dozens of IEDs at the entrances and roads of liberated towns.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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