Defense Minister at People’s Assembly: Syrian Arab Army will continue fighting terrorism until it is eliminated

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly held a session on Sunday headed by Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh with the presence of Defense Minister Fahed Jasem al-Freij.

The Assembly members hailed the victories of the Army and Armed Forces against terrorism, and focused on the issues related to strengthening the Syrian Army, addressing the needs of military personnel, and providing services to them.

The members called for releasing an “injury card” for military personnel who are discharged due to injuries and providing job opportunities that suit their injuries, and ensuring that they are covered by insurance.

For his part, al-Freij briefed the Assembly about the army’s achievements in fighting terrorist organizations, affirming that the Syrian army will continue to fight until terrorism is eliminated across the entirety of Syria.

Maya Dayoub / Hazem Sabbagh

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