Meeting to reactivate Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian electricity connection

Tehran, SANA – A Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian meeting took place in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Sunday to sign a protocol to reactivate the tripartite electricity connection among the three countries.

The meeting was held between the Electricity ministries of the Syria, Iraq and Iran at the building of the Iranian Ministry of Energy.

The connection will be carried out through two lines. The first is of a 400 kilovolt capacity and a 155 km length, 25 km of which from al-Qaim station to the Iraqi-Syrian border and 130 km within the Syrian territory until al-Taim station.

The second line is 42 km long and of a 230 kilovolt capacity, stretching between the Swedish-Syrian station and the Iraqi Tal Abu Zhader station.

This electric power connection aims at exchanging electricity between Syria, Iran and Iraq when necessary.

H. Said

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