European delegation visits Maaloula in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – A delegation consisting of peace activists from several European countries visited the town of Maaloula in Damascus Countryside on Sunday.

Irish activist Neil Farrell, who is one of the delegation’s members, told SANA’s correspondent that what Syria is facing is terrorism created by imperialism, and that his visit seeks to express support for the Syrian people.

Farrell said that he opposes the Irish people who participated in the economic sanctions against the Syrian people, and that after this visit, the delegation will organize a campaign for spreading awareness about the effect of these sanctions on the Syrians, in addition to relaying the truth about the events in Syria to Europe and the world, adding that many Europeans still believe the misdirection carried out by Western media regarding what is happening in Syria.

In turn, Irish MP Clare Daly said that the delegation is visiting Maaloula to witness the destruction caused by terrorism there and see facts on the ground directly, asserting that she will relay what she saw to her country’s parliament.

For his part, activist Edward Horgan said that he and other activists are working to meet Syrian families that were victims of violence at the hands of terrorism as part of a project to showcase the suffering of children that became victims of the events in several countries including Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq.

The delegation, which includes activists from Ireland, Romania, Spain, Norway, and Sweden will visit Homs city on Monday.

Hazem Sabbagh


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