Shaaban: Syria’s steadfastness will change history, Palestine will remain the compass

Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban asserted that Arabs cannot exist without resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict in a manner that guarantees their dignity and future, asserting that victory is forthcoming.

In a speech at the Al-Quds Cultural Day which began its activities on Wednesday at Dar al-Baath in Damascus, Shaaban, who is the chairperson of the board of trustees of the Syrian branch of Al-Quds International Foundation, said that “Palestine will remain the compass, and Al-Quds is our soul and identity.”

She asserted that steadfastness and resilience are essential to achieve victory, affirming adherence to Arabism, and stressing the need for thinking in a strategic manner to counter the enemy’s strategies and unifying ranks and efforts.

Shaaban said that since it was manufactured, the Israeli entity sought to divide Arabs and Muslims, noting that the late President Hafez al-Assad before and President Bashar al-Assad now emphasized commitment to rallying Arabs in a unified Arab and regional front.

She went on to say that Syria and its allies Russia and Iran remain firm in their support of Arab and Palestinian rights despite all plots woven by the Americans, the Israelis, and the Arab Gulf regimes, affirming that what is happening in Syria, Iraq, and across the Arab nation is linked to the Arab-Israeli conflict as it seeks to divide Arabs and distance them from their allies in Iran and Russia.

Shaaban said that today we are faced by a challenge on which our destiny hinges, asserting that Syria’s steadfastness with the help of allies and friends will change history.

She also voiced pride in the heroic steadfastness of Palestinian captives in Israeli jails who resisted the occupation.

The Advisor said that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies’ heading towards al-Tanf crossing and the Syrian-Iraqi borders is a major achievement because for decades certain sides did not allow Syrian-Iraqi coordination   to take place.

“Al-Quds will remain our inspiration today and tomorrow, and after the coming victory of the Syrian Arab Army it will be the inspiration for the Arab nation,” she concluded.

Participants in the event pointed out that the Israeli enemy is now viciously attempting to blot out the Arab identity of al-Quds, destroy its sacred sites, and drive out its Arab inhabitants, calling on Palestinian factions to unite against the Israeli enemy and asserting that the resistance axis will be victorious.

They also affirmed that any attempt to bargain over any right or piece of land will lead to losing all rights and all lands, asserting that the Palestinian people are not alone in their battle for liberty and independence, despite the attempts of the US, Israel, and certain Arab sides to depict the Palestinian people as being alone.

Hazem Sabbagh


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